Boarding - No longer available. 

I apologize for the inconvenience. I found it necessary to end this service due to the fact too many instances of individuals not complying with our vaccination and flea prevention requirements and keeping up with their Veterinary Medical Care. 

Studding , AVAILABLE

I have a studding service for those who have a female and need to be breed. You will of course have your choice of Purebred or Mix Breed. Services are $ COST OF BREED .   It will be guaranteed that if your Dam does not breed, she will be bred again at no charge. Breeding will be done over a 5 day period and a photo will be taken as proof that the dam and sire tied. A Veterinary exam for Brucellosis will be needed prior to breeding. Cost of Breeding service will be paid up front on first day of studding services. You may leave your female for 5 days at no additional cost or you can bring her on a daily basis.

Thank you


Grooming service available to all my puppies that have been adopted to new loving homes.

Thank you

NYS Dept of Agriculture Registration #PD603

                                                                         PUPPY WAITING LIST

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a certain pure breed or mix breed.

I can let you know when they might be available and an estimated time of birth.

You can also be on a waiting list with a $100.00 payment down and guarantee first pick and so on after that.

I will be on the phone with you and will confirm that I have seen your information entered and payment process.

Your payment would be made through PayPal or Zelle and will stay there until the litter is whelped.

There are no refunds on waiting list payments for any reason, but please note that if the breeding does not happen or there is none of the sex you placed your payment on, your waiting list payment will be refunded to you immediately.

I will be able to tell you what week the litter is due to be born, once they breed.  
Please note that the first half of the total amount due will be paid when the litter is born.
I will contact everyone on the Waiting List that day for their payment.

You will place your Name/Address/Telephone #  and info on puppy Breed you are choosing being male or female and number you are on the waiting list, along with total payment $ amount in your PayPal information box and/or your Zelle payment.  
This way you have all your information on record for proof of payment.
Please note that I will be on the phone with you when you make your payment to confirm it.

Remainder of puppy payment will be made when puppy is 8 weeks old and you you come for your puppy to bring home with you !!!